Suppliers of Indigenous Trees

We grow indigenous trees and focus mainly on the production of frost hardy trees that are suitable for planting in the Highveld. Our trees are able to withstand cold harsh winters as they are planted on the farm from seed or seedling and have become accustomed to these conditions.

The trees we grow are:

These are available in 20, 50 and 100 litre bags.

We would like to continue supplying great quality indigenous trees to our customers. We strive to provide affordable trees so that everyone can afford to plant a Willow Feather Farm tree. We do not only want to be known as a supplier of indigenous trees, but also as a strategic business partner for organisations to partner with on various community projects aimed at offsetting carbon emissions. We would also like to provide a valuable service to the local community by running a well priced nursery open to the public which will inspire visitors to put their green gloves on and get planting without breaking the bank. Our tea garden and animal farmyard is a sanctuary for all to come and relax and take some time out of their busy lives.