Rhus / Searsia Pendulina – White Karee

Tree Type: Evergreen , Indigenous Common Name: White Karee, Witkaree Botanical Name: Rhus Pendulina, New name is the Searsia Pendulina Max Height: 10m Growth Rate: Medium to Fast Frost Tolerance: Moderately frost hardy
Drought Resistance: Drought hardy Flowers: tiny greenish-yellow (Spring-Summer) Fruit: reddish/black (Autumn), edible Foliage: light green, resinous smell when crushed Root System: Invasive Soil Type: It prefers moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soil.
Plant Shape: A neat crown of gracefully drooping branches, willow appearance Wildlife Attraction:

he flowers attract bees and other insects and many butterflies use the tree for breeding (the Foxtrot Copper, Samba Copper, Burnished Copper, Common Hairtail and Pearl Charaxes).

Garden Use:

A very adaptable tree which can be used as a street tree, near water (Willow appearance), as a shade tree, informal hedge, screen or barrier against wind. Well suited for small-medium sized gardens. It is also a good ‘bird tree’, providing food and shelter.