Rhus / Searsia Lancea – Black Karee

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Tree Type: Evergreen , Indigenous Common Name: Karee, Karee, Hlokoshiyne Botanical Name: Rhus Lancea Min Height: 6m Max Height: 17m Growth Rate: Medium to Fast Frost Tolerance: Frost hardy
Drought Resistance: Drought hardy/resistance Flowers: tiny, greenish/yellowish (Winter), sweetly scented Fruit: brown/reddish (Spring), edible Foliage: dark green, resinous smell when crushed Root System: Invasive Soil Type: Restricted
Plant Shape: Small to medium-sized evergreen tree; rounded or dome-shaped, with somewhat drooping branches. Wildlife Attraction:

Fruit-eating birds such as bulbuls, guinea fowl and francolins. Browsed by game such as such as kudu, roan antelope and sable. Bees and other insects are attracted by the flowers

Garden Use:

A very adaptable tree which can be used as a street tree, near water (Willow appearance), as a shade tree, for establishing a protective canopy for frost sensitive and shade loving plants, as a large hedge, screen or barrier against wind, noise, objectionable views or to provide privacy. It is also used for natural soil stabilisation and increasing infiltration of rainwater into the soil thus reducing erosion and raising the ground water table.