Combretum Erythrophyllum – River Bush-willow

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Tree Type: Deciduous , Indigenous Common Name: River Bush-willow, Vaderlandswilg Botanical Name: Combretum erythrophyllum Min Height: 6m Max Height: 7m Growth Rate: Fast Frost Tolerance: Frost hardy (after 2 years)
Drought Resistance: Drought hardy Flowers: Greenish-yellow (spring-summer), faintly scented Fruit: Brownish Foliage: Red or Yellow (Autumn), Whitish (Spring) Root System: Not aggressive Soil Type: Not restricted
Plant Shape: Straight trunk or multi-stemmed with dense spreading crown Wildlife Attraction:

Birds. Browsed by giraffe & elephant.

Garden Use:

Used as a specimen tree for its autumn colour, bark becomes flaky with age.