Celtis Africana – White Stinkwood

Blog - Celtis Africana
Tree Type: Deciduous , Indigenous Common Name: White Stinkwood, Witstinkhout, Ndwandwazane Botanical Name: Celtis Africana Min Height: 7m Max Height: 12m Growth Rate: Fast Frost Tolerance: Frost hardy
Drought Resistance: Drought hardy Flowers: tiny greenish (Spring) Fruit: red (Summer) Foliage: Yellow (Autumn) Root System: Invasive Soil Type: Not restricted
Plant Shape: Dense rounded canopy Wildlife Attraction:

Many birds like rameron pigeons, willow warblers, black-eyed bulbuls, mousebirds and crested barbets feed on the fruits and disperse the seeds. This tree is a haven for insects.

Garden Use:

Used as a shade tree, for woodland gardens, one of the most popular trees for bonsai. The root system is not aggressive. May become invasive under favorable conditions.