Acacia Karoo – Sweet Thorn

Blog - Acacia Karroo
Tree Type: Deciduous , Indigenous Common Name: Soetdoring, Sweet Thorn, Umunga Botanical Name: Acacia Karoo Min Height: 5m Max Height: 9m Growth Rate: Medium Frost Tolerance: Frost hardy
Drought Resistance: Drought hardy Flowers: Yellow (spring-summer), scented Fruit: Brown Foliage: Light green Root System: Invasive Soil Type: Not restricted
Plant Shape: Broad domed Tree Wildlife Attraction:

The flowers are renowned for attracting insects which are essential to any bird garden. Birds also like to make nests in thorn trees and caterpillars of 10 species of butterflies are dependent on the tree for survival. Browsed by game.

Garden Use:

Used as a windbreak, gives dappled shade allowing grass to grow to the trunk, it can also be clipped into a hedge. It requires well-drained soil and full sun. It has large sharp thorns.