The Success Academy Properties partners with Willow Feather for Arbor Week

National Arbor Week (Iviki Lezihlahla) serves to promote awareness for the need to plant and maintain indigenous trees throughout South Africa, especially for the many disadvantaged communities who often live in barren areas.

There are so many reasons to plant trees. To name just a few:

  • For shade, to shelter plants and to reduce evaporation of water from soil by the sun;
  • To create a pleasant and beautiful environment;
  • To conserve energy;
  • Trees help to reduce air pollution;
  • Trees protect the soil and water;
  • Trees can create wildlife habitats;
  • Trees are necessary for wind reduction and control;
  • The roots of trees help bind the soil and reduce soil erosion;
  • To produce timber for use such as furniture, building material, poles and paper; and
  • Any tree will make its small contribution to remove some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, although some contribute more than others.

In view of this we need to get into the habit of planting trees! The Success Academy Properties has decided to support Arbor Week by sponsoring 1,500 trees which we will be given as a gift to all the employees of their tenants. Everyone will be given the option to either take their tree home, plant it themselves, give it as a gift or contribute it to TSA’s “Save our Planet Plant A Tree” project. This project is being done in association with Willow Feather Farm.

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