Meet Us


Who We Are

Established in 2004 by Barry Geyer, Willow Feather Farm are primarily growers of Frost hardy Indigenous trees and run a dynamic business venturing into a number sectors of South Africa. We provide hardy trees and plants to different markets namely wholesale to Developers, Landscapers, Government and Mines. A Retail section provides quality trees, nursery goods, crafts and gifts to our customers visiting our Nursery, Tea Garden, Shop and Animal Farmyard. Corporate Greening; been seen as a strategic business partner to Companies to reach their Greening and BEE goals and objectives. The farm is situated on the outskirts of Centurion just off the R21 highway off the Nellmapius exit.

What We Do

TREES, this is our passion and our core business. We specialise in growing frost hardy indigenous trees that can supply our different sales channels and Greening Projects. We only grow very frost hardy indigenous trees that can withstand severe frost and propagate all the trees on the farm.

We run a successful Retail Nursery, Tea Garden, Shop and Animal Farmyard on our production farm where families can come and picnic, grab a bite to eat in our restaurant or browse our gift and craft shop that sell local crafts, imported products and a wide selection of gifts and confectioneries.


Willow Feather Farm is one of the largest growers of frost hardy indigenous trees in South Africa with the majority of our trees grown specifically for our Greening Program. All the trees are propagated and grown on the farm by ourselves allowing us to keep the cost of the tree to a minimum to enable us to plant more trees. We have in excess of 500 000 trees at any given time on the property and are continually propagating seeds to ensure that we always have good quality trees available for our projects. Willow Feather Farm is a sustainable Social Enterprise, we do not rely on donations to fund the running our business but rather use these donations to directly translate into the planting of trees in areas of need. All money that is sponsored into our program can be directly linked to a tree that is planted; we provide full traceability on all the trees that go through our program and plant large sustainable trees on behalf of our Corporate Sponsors. We are one of the custodians of the Save Our Planet – Plant a tree project and use this project as one of our greening channels as well. We are in the process of registering our Save Our Planet – Plant a tree project with the Voluntary Carbon trading credit system.


In 1979 Janet and Steven Geyer together with their 1 year old daughter Tanya, decided to move from Elardus Park to start a new life on Portion 37 of the farm Doornkloof 391 JR, which they named Gum Tree Farm. Shortly after Barry was born and a year later Brian.

Little did we know the adventures that lay ahead of us. What started out as a couple of hectares of open land on the outskirts of Centurion slowly began to change into a lush and productive farm. A perfect haven for us children to grow up and learn the ins and out of farm life.

There was never a dull moment on the farm, with an operational feedlot of cattle there was always opportunity knocking at the door. Pocket money was earned by the sweeping up of cow manure, bagging it up and selling it to friends and family for use in their gardens, this then moved into us buying our own sheep and breeding with them. With pets such as potbelly pigs in the house, goats, ostriches, guinea pigs, geese and ducks there was always plenty to do. Somewhere along the line Barry started his own company called Barry’s Chicks, Barry’s Chicks produced the most amazing fresh chickens that were sold at local butchers, shops and straight from the farm, one day Barry popped into the neighbour to pick some seeds that had fallen off a big old tree, put the seeds in a bad and saw the potential of growing trees.

From this spawned the company Willow (Tree) Feather (Chicken) Farm. Barry ran the company building up a healthy stock of trees all planted from seeds picked from the area. Realising that the world needed trees more than chickens Willow Feather Farm started to concentrate primarily on the planting of indigenous trees and phased out its chicken farming operation. Willow Feather Farm now carries over 400 000 indigenous trees all planted from seed or seedling on the farm!

We think it’s important to expose city children to farm life so we are going to recreate the experiences we had as children on the farm for all children and families in the community by running an animal farmyard that will allow children to interact with many farm animals while the parents can relax in our tea garden that rolls into a beautiful garden with plenty space for children to run and play.